Heatspreader XK048 Assembly Instructions for phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus (LAN-110e.A0)

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The task of the heatspreader is to distribute/convey the heat loss generated by the components on the PCB side of the phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus. In detail, these are the CPU, the PMIC voltage regulator, the RAM bank, and the Ethernet PHY transceiver. After assembly, the heat loss can be tapped on the top rivet of the heatspreader and fed to a heat sink or a case wall. The connection between the heatspreader and the cooling element is made on the shelf via an electrically non-conductive heat conduction pad since the heatspreader is electrically at the ground potential of the phyCORE module.

Pos.Num.PartArticle NumberUsage
11HeatspreaderXK048.A1Aluminum thermal conductive element.
21Thermal Pad Kerafol WLF 86/225 t = 1.5 mmXT024.A1For thermal connection between phyCORE component surfaces and Heatspreader.

Pan Head Screw M2.5 x 4 mm

XS031Screws to mount the standoffs (Pos. 5) from the bottom side of the baseboard.
42Countersunk Screw M2.5 x 10 mmXS040Screws to mount the Heatspreader (Pos. 1) on top of the attached phyCORE module.
52Standoff M2.5 x 5 mm SW4, full-length threadedXA172 Standoffs between the baseboard and phyCORE module.
62Washer d = 5 mmXU089 Washers for the Pos. 3.
Material List (Set ZUB-XK048.A0)

Mounting Steps

  1. Attach the supplied threaded standoffs (Pos. 5) to your carrier board by placing them on top of the hole and screwing them from below with the Pan Head Screw (Pos. 3) and the washers (Pos. 6). Recommended torque = 0.2Nm - 0.3Nm.

    Threaded Standoffs Locations

  2. Insert the phyCORE module into the socket and check that the internal threads of the standoffs are visible through the holes in the phyCORE.

    phyCORE Module Installation

  3. Remove the contact side protective film from the Thermal Pad and attach the Thermal Pad (Pos. 2) concurrent to the conductive shape on the Heatspreader.

    Thermal Pad Setup

  4. Attach the Heatspreader to the top of the phyCORE module while adjusting the position by looking through the mounting holes.

    Heatspreader Installation

  5. Insert the Countersunk Screw (pos. 4) into the mounting holes and fix it. Recommended torque = 0.2 Nm - 0.3 Nm. The compression of the Thermal Pad will be approximately 33% (1mm/1.5mm).

    Countersunk Screw

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