Embedded Vision -

now with XXL range

Embedded Vision -

now with XXL range

With the new camera interface phyCAM-L for the phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus, PHYTEC solves the problem of length restrictions of the MIPI CSI ‑ 2 interface.

If the MIPI CSI-2 allows a maximum of approx. 15 cm between the camera module and the processor board, up to 15 m can be bridged with the phyCAM-L.

Advantages of the phyCAM-L solution:

  • up to 15 m cable length for embedded vision cameras
  • particularly cost and space-saving system components
  • ready-to-use solution suitable for series production
  • Can be used inside the device and as a separate camera head
  • UMCC Gen.1 connector enables small, inexpensive and flexibly adaptable connections
  • Long-term availability through the use of automotive components
  • particularly suitable for powerful embedded vision systems with i.MX 8M Plus processor
  • One stop shop, fully customizable
  • individual lens options, advice and assembly service
  • Hardware and software design support
  • Application note for integrating the converter into the base board
  • extended temperature range for professional applications

Possible areas of application:

Mobile test systems

Optical quality controls

Camera-based assistance systems

The technology from the image processing expert explains:

Your project start with the phyCAM-L and the right one Development Kits:

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