Development Kit

The development platform for the STM32MP1 processor.

  • STM32MP157 processor
  • Audio array board connector
  • FTDI via MicroUSB
  • Arduino connector
  • Raspberry Pi HAT connector
  • Engine control connector

Kit contents:

  • phyBOARD-Sargas with phyCORE-STM32MP1 module
  • Linux Yocto BSP
  • SD card
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • 2x D-Sub plug 9pol
  • Power pack 24 V
  • Levering tool
  • Commissioning guarantee
  • Workshop voucher


The phyCORE-STM32MP1 module on the board offers Secure Boot, multi-protocol industrial communication, a 3D graphics processing unit (Vivante - OpenGL ES 2.0), functions for functional safety and a Cortex-M4 MCU subsystem that allows full use of the STM32 Cube firmware made possible by ST. It is ideally suited for industrial communication systems, edge computing applications, factory automation, motor control and other applications with high demands on reliability and failure safety.

Modules phyCORE-STM32MP157
SOM mounting Connector insertion
Processor STM32MP157C
Architecture ARM Cortex-A7 / Cortex-M4
Frequency 2x 650MHz + 209MHz
Ethernet 1x 10/100/1000 Mbit / s
USB 1x host, 1x OTG 2.0
CAN 1x CAN FD (via pin header or expansion connector)
Mass memory microSD card slot
Display 1x HDMI, parallel 18-bit, MIPI DSI
Audio Audio Codec with stereo line in / out, headphone connector and monospeaker out,
MEMS microphone array board connector, SAI at A / V Connector
Bedroom 1x parallel (phyCAM-P)
Expansion Bus SPI, I²C 2x UART, SAI, SDIO (4-bit), CAN FD, USB OTG, RTC, control, GPIO, voltage out
Arduino Uno R3 Connector USART, I²C, SPI, ADC, PWM / Timers
Engine control connector 1x, compatible with STM motor control boards
Raspberry Pi HAT connector 1x
Additional QSPI, FMC bus, RGMII, SDIO (8-bit), SDIO (4-bit)
User control elements Reset button, wake up button, 2x user buttons
Power Supply 12 V-24 V via power adapter, or 5 V USBC
Dimensions 100 160 mm x mm
temperature range -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Operating system Linux 4.19.94

phyBOARD Sargas Kit

Yocto OpenSTLinux
Release name Release version Release Notes BSP Manual Yocto Manual Development Env. Guide Miscellaneous

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phyBOARD Sargas
Development Kit

Item No.: KPCM-068-LIN

Available variants:


Sample price: Info

Our sample prices apply to the entire evaluation kit including accessories for commissioning. For example, the sample price of 64 euros for the phyBOARD-Wega AM3354 kit includes, in addition to the serial-ready SBC and a board support package adapted to the hardware, also an HDMI adapter, a power supply unit, cable and the PHYTEC QuickStart Guide.

PHYTEC sponsors these kits. This gives you the chance to get to know our SBCs and PHYTEC Support without extensive investments. You can find out to what extent our solution can be used in series for your project. And PHYTEC has the chance to convince you of our preliminary work for your project, of the manufacturing quality of the SBCs and of our software in the form of the BSP supplied.

The serial prices of the phyBOARDs are not dependent on the sample prices; the purchase quantities for the kits are limited.

210.00  plus VAT.

Usually deliverable within 1-2 days

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