Return Delivery


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As part of PHYTEC’s quality assurance, we strive to develop, produce and deliver high-quality products. All PHYTEC products undergo functional and electrical tests prior to shipment. If you encounter any problems when starting up your PHYTEC product, please contact our technical support team. You may also log on to our support forum (> Support & Download-> Support Forum) for advice. Should you encounter hardware problems, please return the hardware along with your RMA form and a copy of the invoice or packing slip directly to us. Please use one of our RMA forms which you can create online and print out. Please indicate on your form whether you want a temporary loan replacement, reimbursement or repair.

In the event that you receive damaged merchandise, please inform us in writing of damage within 3 work days of receipt of said items. When returning PHYTEC products be sure to use appropriate packaging in order to avoid damaging the hardware during shipment. Please note that for our warranty to be valid the PHYTEC serial number sticker is required.

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