Update and  
Device management

Remote maintenance for many devices or large machine parks

Out of sight out of mind? Not with the update and device management solutions from Phytec and connagtive.

Allow your customers worldwide access to machines, vehicles and other applications at any time in order to obtain data, maintain them, correct errors or provide them with improved functions. All of this either with a self-hosted open source solution or via a convenient, scalable device management platform that does not require any further programming. Whether for a small number of devices or a large fleet of machines / vehicles, we offer a solution tailored to your Phytec-based products.

What for update and device management? 

For modern devices, whether machines, vehicles, or the like, the possibility of remote access by the manufacturer or the user is usually mandatory.

Reasons for remote access:

  • Calibration and configuration
  • Collection of data and status information
  • Fixing security vulnerabilities
  • General maintenance
  • Error diagnosis and elimination
  • Function expansions through software updates



Our solutions _ self-hosted or with IoT Device Suite

Phytec offers two solutions for implementing an update and device management:

  1. With the combination of RAUC as a secure update client and the use of hawkBit as an update server, all the technical requirements for in-house development of an update and device management system are in place.
  2. If you would like to fall back on an existing solution, connagtive offers with the IoT Device Suite a complete system without any investment risk, with which individual adjustments can nevertheless be easily implemented.

Self-hosted HawkBit server with RAUC client

We rely on RAUC as a secure update client and the use of hawkBit as an update server.

  • Integrated update client in PHYTEC BSPs
  • Easy setup of the update server - locally or as a cloud service (e.g. Microsoft Azure)
  • Workshops and individual advice on setting up an individually adapted device management infrastructure
  • Pre-configured update server with instructions for a quick start and for productive use
  • Compatibility with PHYTEC BSP updates

Update server

  • hawkBit as an update server platform
  • Manage update bundles and devices
  • Tiered rollout management - prevents the total failure of the entire system

Failsafe updates

  • RAUC as an update controller
  • A / B system on: eMMC, SD Card or NAND Flash
  • Fail-Safe: Automatic check for damaged update bundles
    • Power-cut-Safe through atomic updates
    • Check for successful update installation

Manual updates

  • even without an update server via local storage media

Standard integration in phyBSP

  • Open source software
  • Extensive support from: FAE team and OSS community
  • An integral part of the PHYTEC BSP maintenance strategy

Update server hosting

  • Hosting on your own server
  • or through cloud services (e.g. Microsoft Azure, ...)

IoT device management platform

The ready-to-use update and device management platform from our partner OSB enables uncomplicated and secure access to all your devices worldwide for system debugging, maintenance and monitoring via remote access. The system is suitable for managing individual devices as well as for large fleets with hundreds of thousands of devices. 


  • Protect your networked devices from attacks
  • Monitoring of system utilization and access
  • Safe and smooth software updates
  • Automatic onboarding and configuration
  • Cost savings through automated processes
  • Transparent and modular pricing model
  • No investment risk
  • Monitorable, secure remote access
  • Integration of SIM card management

Your entry _ Development kit with Connagtive IoT Device Suite platform

The kit was developed jointly by PHYTEC and "The Embedded Security Experts" (ESEC). For this, the necessary tools for using the Connagtive IoT Device Suite have been integrated with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The Connagtive IoT Device Suite developed by ESEC is a modular update & device management platform that is available worldwide through the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The device included in the kit comes with a pre-installed A / B system, minimal embedded Linux and all the keys and X509 certificates required for use with the Connagtive IoT Device Suite.

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