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Cabling the phyBOARD-Maia

Cabling the phyBOARD-Maia with plate 1403.1:

  - For RS232 we offer the cable WK346

  - For CAN we offer the cable WK348

  - For IO you need the Molex connector 51353-0800.


For cabling the phyBOARD-Maia with plate 1403.2 use the following Phoenix Combicon 3.5mm connectors:

  - For RS232 use 1768871 (with strain relief) or 1840379 (without strain relief, our article number is GP350 or alternatively GP231 from Metz or PTR)

  - For CAN use 1767500 (with strain relief) or 1840382 (without strain relief, our article number is GP351)

  - For IO use two 1952270 (clip contact, our article number is GP349)